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Child happily engaged in imaginative play at The SMLLL Academy, where childhood is enriched through play, exploration, and social interaction. Our private alternative education kindergarten lays the groundwork for a lifetime of curiosity and success.

Inspiring Creativity, Critical thinking & Confidence

Promoting meaningful experiences to develop young minds into tomorrow's leaders! We focus on empowering children through academic and social ventures.

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A child immersed in joyful play at The SMLLL Academy, a private alternative education kindergarten. Laughter, curiosity, and creativity thrive in this educational environment where play is the cornerstone. Witness your child flourishing, building a robust foundation for a lifetime of learning.

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The SMLLL Academy cultivates purposeful and innovative learning within a non-traditional environment. Our commitment is to empower and inspire today's young minds to become a community of creative and critical thinkers. Our tailored experience nurtures both academic and social development, ensuring children thrive under our care. The program is designed to accommodate specialized educational modalities, fostering organic circumstances for children to reach their full potential.



Child immersed in joyful play at The SMLLL Academy, where learning is a delightful journey. Our private alternative education kindergarten celebrates laughter, curiosity, and creativity, creating an environment where play is the cornerstone of education. Witness your child flourishing, building a robust foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Newly Renovated Space

Beautiful Outdoor Environment

Parks & Trails Nearby

Close-knit Community
Passionate & Skilled Educators

"It takes a village" Approach

Child engaged in exploratory play at The SMLLL Academy Kindergarten, where every day unfolds as an adventure of play, learning, and discovery. Experience your child's boundless curiosity thriving in our nurturing environment, meticulously designed to inspire a lifelong love for learning. Enrich your child's educational journey with us, where play is the heart of education.

Specialized Age Groups

Personalized Learning

Basic French
Advanced Math Program
Critical Thinking &

Skill Building Activities

Child exploring the enchanting world of early education at The SMLLL Academy Kindergarten. Each day is a delightful adventure, seamlessly blending play, learning, and discovery. Witness the magic unfold as your child's boundless curiosity flourishes in our nurturing environment, purposefully crafted to kindle a lifelong passion for learning. Join us in enriching your child's educational voyage, where play stands at the core of their educational experience.

Outdoor Play

Enrichment Programs

Workshops / Field Trips

Creative Arts

Yoga, Dance, Fitness

A Focus on Well-Being


​”Our job is not to prepare children for something – our job is to help children prepare themselves for anything.’

– A.J. Juliani

Engaged child learning in a vibrant classroom at The SMLLL Academy, where alternative education fosters creativity, individual growth, and a love for learning.


Laying down a strong foundation in the early years of life sets the stage for success in the future.

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