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The Team

Each member of our professional team is qualified in the field Education. Our team members hold a Bachelor of Education (OCT) or an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma. Equally important, our staff is carefully chosen not only for their experience but also for their warmth and enthusiasm.




Ms. Sladjana is an Educator at The SMLLL Academy. She is currently enrolled at the University of Toronto, completing her Master in Teaching at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (primarily focusing on primary and junior grades). Her love for teaching began from at an early age when she started working as a Math and English tutor at Kumon.  Ms. Sladjana strongly believes that the foundational years are most important in building strong literacy and numeracy skills, along with an abundance of social enrichment experiences. 


Ms.Giselle is The SMLLL Academy’s Creative Arts Instructor. She has over twenty years’ experience working with children in various settings in both Montessori schools as well as the private sector. Working with children brings her great joy and inspiration. Maria Montessori once said: “The Education of even a small child does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life”.  She believes that instilling a love of learning will prepare children for their journey in life.  Her goal is to help each child develop an interest in various forms of art through creative expression and exploration. Ms. Giselle uses a variety of different mediums and levels of various techniques such as drawing, painting, splattering, molding and more.



Ms. Tanja is The SMLLL Academy’s ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Yoga Teacher. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor and advocate of self-love. Her journey of self-discovery led her to complete her Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica where her desire and dream to help and guide others to heal became a reality. Ms. Tanja works with all ages in a variety of places; specializing in traditional yoga, with a focus on self-awareness. She hosts retreats, workshops, classes, private group and individual sessions for kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. Her love for Yoga and its philosophy shines through her teaching. Ms. Tanja incorporates The SMLLL Academy program themes into her sessions with the children. 


Ms. Melodie is a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher at The SMLLL Academy. She is a certified elementary teacher who in 2012 began her yoga journey to find more balance in life. She has always had a passion for wellness and believes that running a holistic classroom where students’ sense of self and well-being are of top priority. Ms. Melodie uncovered a deep yearning, when traveling to Bali, to teach kids the importance of wellness through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. She is the founder of MPowered Wellness where she works with children and families in the community.

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