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kindergarten Program

  • September - June

  • Full Time / Part Time

  • JK / SK (3.5-6) 

Laying down a strong foundation in the early years of life sets the stage for success in the future. The SMLLL Academy provides a combination of structured learning and play-based experiences that inspire creativity. Children have the chance to explore and interact within their environment. Our 'flow of the day' has an academic ‘mind block’ where we focus on numeracy and literacy and an enrichment ‘body block’ where we engage in a variety of social activities. Outdoor play and discovery experiences are considered a vital component of our program. 


Caring school teacher at The SMLLL Academy reading to engaged children, creating a nurturing and interactive learning experience in our private school setting.
Playful scene at The SMLLL Academy as children lay in the grass, enjoying outdoor activities, fostering camaraderie, and promoting holistic development in our private school environment.



"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

– Fred Rogers

Our preschool daycare program provides responsive care and learning opportunities that promote all areas of healthy child development. Children engage in a stimulating environment that enables them to learn and grow through play. 


The SMLLL Academy is dedicated to providing children with social experiences that will allow them to thrive physically and intellectually. Our Enrichment program includes Outdoor Discovery, Mindfulness, Creative Arts, Dance, Yoga, Music, and workshops with special guests. 

The SMLLL Academy Kindergarten Program also includes French and an Advanced Math Program.

Engaged children at The SMLLL Academy immersed in writing and learning activities, fostering a dynamic educational environment in our private school setting.

"Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded."

– Jess Lair



Enrolment is available year-round, space permitting.


Full Time
Monday - Friday

9am - 3pm

Part Time 
3 days/week 

*drop off begins at 8:50am
*after school care program available (3-4pm)



Full Time

Monday - Friday

9am - 4pm
Part T
3 days/week

9am - 4pm 

*drop off begins at 8:50am



9am - 3pm



9am - 3pm

* Exceptionalities and Conditions - Although we are prepared for diverse needs among children, we currently do not have resources to support specific special needs, learning disabilities/behaviour challenges. Upon request for enrolment, we will review the cases individually alongside resources and staff qualifications. If at any point in the process we identify specific needs that we cannot accommodate, we will be unable to accept further enrolment.

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