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As a mother of three, the idea of leaving my children in someone else’s hands always gave me an uneasy feeling. I vividly remember the first daycare drop off with my eldest daughter. That sensation in my stomach will never leave my memories. I had every possible thought racing through my mind – will she feel loved? Included? Will she learn new skills and feed her interests? Am I doing the right thing for her development?

Origins 1.jpg

It was a whirlwind of emotions that only parents can comprehend. However, that very same day, I experienced a profound calmness when I arrived to pick her up to find a smile plastered from ear to ear as she ran to me. She told me how happy her new ‘family’ made her feel and how she couldn’t wait to come back. The fact that she used the word ‘family’ made me feel overjoyed. This was it; exactly the place I wanted her be in. It was apparent that she was thriving there and we were grateful to have found the right group.

As we have progressed through the uncertainty of present times, I keep having moments where I think to myself – I want all parents to experience this gratitude. I desperately want to give this opportunity back to my community and the children we all hold so dear. I want to create a space where families feel genuine connection and love. Where children can be children, and most importantly, blossom in the many different domains that they are meant to. I want learning to be in the forefront, but, at the end of the day, I wish for healthy and happy hearts all around, and if that looks like a half day of learning and the other half full of play and social activities, then so be it! I want to be helpful to our community in rebuilding relationships through a higher-purpose platform. I want to play a role in facilitating a new educational perspective for families that gives their children limitless opportunity…and cue “The SMLLL Academy”.

 Stimulating and

      Learning experiences
        that work with your child's
 Learning style

 Learning pace.

We are The SMLLL Academy, with a BIG dream!

(Coincidently, SMLLL also stands for the names of those dearest to me.)


With that, I am incredibly excited to embark on this adventure with you and your family to do things a little differently in the future - to put aside all the unnecessary barriers and finally position the children and their needs at the top of the list.

My personal and professional commitment to children is undeniable. With 8 years in-school experience teaching from Kindergarten to grade 8, and a family-run business teaching dance for 15+ years, I am certain that this is the perfect time to begin a new chapter for not only myself and my family, but for all likeminded families as well.

I want nothing more than to empower today’s young minds and see a community of happy hearts.

Gratefully Yours,

Marijana Djumic


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