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Engaged and joyful student playing with a ball at The SMLLL Academy, where alternative education fosters creativity and individual growth

What does a SMLLL day look like?

In our Kindergarten program, we provide comprehensive academic and social opportunities for children. Our curriculum emphasizes literacy and numeracy during the mind block, complemented by engaging social activities in the body block. The day is divided with outdoor exploration, play, and a lunch break. Our social program encompasses mindfulness, movement, yoga, dance, creative arts, music, and games. At The SMLLL Academy, the ideal day is a harmonious blend of critical thinking, learning, creativity, exploration, play, and the simple joy of just being children.



How will I know my child is thriving?

As a parent, this will be evident to you in your little one's behavior. Engaging in daily conversations with your child about their learning and activities holds significant importance. We strongly encourage you to actively inquire and question your child about their daily experiences. Additionally, we are readily available to provide feedback and assessments upon your inquiry.


How will my child adjust to this new environment?

Nobody adjusts better than our kids! Children are capable. We understand that each child has different needs and that is why we spend so much time getting to know your child and making sure they are comfortable in our environment. We will work with your child to make sure transition is as smooth as possible.



Is food provided?

The SMLLL Academy Kindergarten Program and Preschool Program do not prepare meals. Families are required to bring a lunch and water bottle as they would in a school setting. We do, however, provide light snacks. We also celebrate birthdays and special events and parents are more than welcome to bring something in for these occasions.



Is potty-training a requirement for the Daycare Program?

We recommend that your child is potty-trained, but it is not a requirement. 


Will my child be able to transition into the Kindergarten program or another school structure in the future?

At The SMLLL Academy, our emphasis is on nurturing children to become confident, independent, and critical thinkers. We actively promote the development of problem-solving skills and flexibility, firmly believing that these abilities will empower them to navigate transitions with ease.

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